Precision Deep Draw SS ware

Precision Deep Draw SS ware

Short Description:

Deep Draw ware

Material:Stainless Steel,carbon steel,Alloy Steel,Aluminium,Bronze

Process:Sole Draw;Draw and Laser Welding;Draw and collar etc

Suface dealing:matt finish;mirror polish after annealing

Depth 5 more times of inside diameter,or refer to customer’s requirements.

Machine:Hydraulic Press machine;robot laser cutting;robot laser welding

Product Detail

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Metal deep stretching is the process of stamping, pull ring or metal mold to deform the plate metal material into a cylinder or box shape part。

Our ability:

1.Round drawing

2.Ellipse drawing

3.Rectangular drawing

4.Hill drawing

5.Hill drawing

6.With flange hemisphere drawing

7.Flange drawing

8.Flange drawing

9.Deep drawing

10.Taper drawing

11.Rectangular redrawing

12.Surface forming

13.Step drawing

14.Reverse drawing


16.Panel drawing

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